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Kennett Community Land Trust (KCLT) is registered with the Financial Services Authority as a Community Benefit Society with charitable rules under the Industrial and Provident Society Act 1965.

KCLT is an independent and non-profit organisation that works for the benefit of the local community (Kennett) in such areas as:

*Affordable homes

 *Local employment and services

   *Facilities, such as community buildings, play areas, renewable energy facilities

     *Allotments, orchards, woodlands and nature reserves

KCLT needs more Community Members to join and help achieve great things. Community Membership of KCLT is open to all who are over 18 years of age, those that live, work, educate their children, own property or do business in the parish of Kennett and who support the objectives of the organisation. Each member has one, equal vote at general meetings, irrespective of the size of the number of shares that they own. They will be able to put themselves forward as a Board Member and elect the board of Management which runs KCLT.




can support and participate in initiatives to improve our living and working environment now and for the future.





Kennett Community Land Trust’s objectives are to carry out the following for the benefit of the people who live and / or work in the parish:

Provide and manage housing (especially affordable housing) and assistance to help house those in need;

Provide workspace buildings and / or land to provide employment opportunities;

Promote community development;

Promote community based resources and / or facilities;

Provide, promote and advance renewable and sustainable forms of energy and development. Examples of the ways in which KCLT can carry out its objects may include:

Engaging with the local residents to find out what they like about their villages, what are the pressing current issues and what they would like to see in the future;

Working collaboratively with local landowners and developers to secure land that can be held by KCLT in perpetuity and developed for the benefit of the local community;

Building attractive, quality and energy efficient properties that achieve good standards of design and value for money.

Ensuring that KCLT homes are affordable for local people and that those with a strong local connection are given priority in housing allocations;

Building small business start-up offices and / or workshops that can be let to local businesses on a flexible basis;

Developing income streams from the new property assets that ensure long-term financial viability of KCLT and produce surpluses to be re-invested for the benefit of the community.





Caring for the physical and natural environment

Enhancing a sense of solidarity in the local community

Maximising skills, social linkages and economic capacity of people in the local community

Acting with transparency, accountability and integrity

Encouraging local democracy, self sufficiency and social responsibility

Considering future generations






Application for Community Membership is as follows:

Full Membership (with voting rights) is open to all who are over 18 years of age/ that live/ work/ educate their children/ own property or do business in the parish of Kennett.

Associate Membership (with no voting rights) is open to individuals and businesses not located in Kennett but who want to locate or work in Kennett in the future.

Community Membership requires the purchase of a share to the value of £1 (one pound). To become a Community Member an application should be made in writing to KCLT accompanied by the £1 share purchase or donation.

When considering applications for membership, the Board will consider each application on its merits having regard to the Rules of KCLT its policies and objectives.

Full members each have one vote at general meetings regardless of how many £1 (one pound) shares they hold.

Shares will never be worth more than are paid for them, could even reduce in value, and there will be no dividend payable to subscribers.

This is not a savings scheme and money will not be returned should it ever be asked for in the future. The shares are not backed by any compensation scheme or ombudsman






KCLT Community Members will have:

A say in the direction of KCLT through voting at the AGM;

The opportunity to elect members to the Board of Management;

Influence on the future development of your community;

A guardian of the Objects of KCLT and promote its interests;

Regular news and events information;

Volunteering opportunities to participate in a range and variety of community projects.

Most importantly, your membership will help KCLT to be truly representative of the local community.

As well as guaranteeing democracy and ensuring its assets are protected, in the future KCLT will be able to raise large amounts of money for investment through issuing new shares specifically designated for that purpose. Those shares may carry a risk or return that may be of interest to community-minded investors.

However, currently KCLT just wants more members. We are asking for those that support our objects, mission and values to join us by completing an application form.



Issue 1.1 dated 27 June 2016


Membership Policy




Membership Policy

Benefits of Membership

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